ALPHA GLOSSY versions – netto € 8.500,-ALPHA MATTE versions – netto € 7.800,-


An extremely robust MDF cabinet with a 28mm wall thickness can be selected in RAL colours shades, in any European or exotic wood.  A surface finish is in silk mat or in high gloss. Cabinet dimensions are very impressive in spite of the feeling of lightness.
Height 120cm, width 22cm, depth in the deepest part up to 36cm and weight 35kg. Cabinet is constructed as an open one, with a slotted lower bass-reflex,  which helps natural spreading of bass tones in the room.

The NEO Alpha dual-band speakers are fitted with ACCUTON ceramic converters belonging to the worldwide top.  The selection of the converters was an excellent choice not only for their accuracy and speed, but also because of their unmistakable design, which beautifully complements dynamic shapes of the speakers and their uniqueness. The upper 7“ (175mm) ceramic converter has got  characteristic “ears ” – two black points on the sides of the membrane, whereas the converter allows the reproduction of deep-tone sounds from 38Hz (-3dB)  and as a high-rise converter a1,2“ (30mm) ceramic converter is used runs exactly up to 30kHz. Exclusively Mundorf components are used to divide and debug sound. The dividing frequency of the crossover between the converters makes 2650Hz. The loudspeaker shows a sensitivity of 87dB and a nominal impedance of 8 ohms, while it does not anywhere drop under the value of 6.

A very good ohmic equilibrium brings more accurate and natural sound when connecting with relatively weaker amplifiers. Very light ceramic ACCUTON membranes fitted with magnet of very high quality  provide a high reproduction rate in addition to it. An inseparable part of sound these speaker systems is also their internal cabling from the British company The Chord Company.
According to the manufacturer alone all,  excellent accuracy , control basses and perfect space for their use  have persuaded them about their choice this brand. .

Technical information:


Dual-band speaker system: slot bass-reflex
Midbass speaker: 7 inches with ceramic membrane
High-loudspeaker: 1.2-inch with ceramic membrane
Frequency range of (+-3dB): 38Hz-30kHz
Sensitivity: 87dB
Impedance: 8 Ohms
Dividing frequency: 2650Hz
Connection: single wire
Cabinet: 28mm MDF
Dimensions B/H/D: 297/1195/450mm
Mass: 35kg/pcs