netto € 120.000,-

THE BLUE DIAMOND – part of a new serie

Our new speaker is called Blue Diamond and it is a jewel of the finest carat. It can do it all and if there was anything over High-End then this version of a speaker would be located there.

The cabinet is build in 4 layers, which is totally dead, and without vibrations. The design is a chapter for itself and it will fit in all places because it is so design-wise, unique Scandinavian design when it is the wildest and most timeless.

You can get them in the color you want and the speakers stand rests only on a 1/5 of the ground surface, and we are talking about a speaker weighing 195 kg!

The goals of these beauties are

Height: 207 cm

Width: 34 cm at the front and 45cm at the center and the back is also 34 cm front. The beam is 170 cm high

Depth: 70 cm

weigth: 210 kg /each

Crossover: 100Hz/500Hz/2000Hz

Frequency range: 16 Hz – 24000 Hz

The foot is 110 deep and 50 cm wide and 6 cm thick.

It is probably the fastest and most powerful bass system in the world and more than 50 kg of woofer magnets make everything happen as fast and perfect as possible when things get together.

There are 4 tones in 2 pieces. different sizes 2 pcs. 18 cm and 2 pcs. 21 cm, with very advanced magnets. This also applies to our gold bird in the form of our tweeter.

The system has an operating power / sensitivity of wild 95 dB!

The units we use come from Scan Speak and are specially manufactured for us.

Then you will have speakers that keep one’s life out, in terms of design, sound and quality. Now they are here!!

As a special feature, please pay attention to the speaker terminals! Yes, You are right! They are placed on the very foot of the speaker.