netto € 41.000,-

“Sapphire” – part of a new serie

We have now launched a brand new serie of loudspeakers. It concists of three models, named “DIAMOND”, “RUBY” and “SAPHIRE”.  The best speaker-units and filters, together with the exclusive cabinet, makes them attractive for any listener.

We are convinced that these sizes will satisfy every customer, who wants a beautiful design, a fantastic sound, and not least to an affordable price.

To create the amazing sound, we have chosen as usual, the most excellent from Mundorf. Even the terninals are the best of the best you can buy for money. The basses are hugely powerful: It goes down to 16 Hz, with a double coil and a weight of 10 Kg. We also use a very special Mundorf ribbon tweeter. This means that the devices’ interplay, results in the sound experience being 100% natural. You feel that instruments and voices are right in front of you. The speakers are hugely open and detailed and nothing goes wrong.

Height: trailing edge 118, cutting edge 103 cm

Width: 40 cm

Depth: 58 cm

Foot depth: 50 cm,

Foot depth: 78 cm

Weigth: 103 kg /each

Crossover: 3 way – 150Hz/2700Hz

Frequency range: 20- 32000Hz

Speaker units:  2 x 10, 3/4″ woofer, 1 x 5″ midrange, 1 pcs. Mundorf special Air motion transformer

Sensitivity: 89 dB

Continous load: 190 watt