netto USD 9.350,-

TONEARMS Black Beauty


Shipping weight:
3kg, (6.6 lbs)

Shipping dimensions:
43×14.5×11.5 cm

effective lenght:
308 mm

effective mass:
medium high

13.2 mm

pivot to spindle distance:
294.8 mm

maximum tracking error:

measured resonant frequency (9 grams, 15 units of compliance test cartridge):
8.5 hertz

cartridge weight compatibility:
7 to 16 grams

VTA adjustments:
coarse and fine up to 1 inch

azimuth adjustment:
coarse and fine

bearing type:
proprietary ball and spherical mirror uni-pivot.

arm tube characteristics:
double wall high modulus carbon fiber composite.

outer shell:
3k 50t fibers, variable thickness an fiber orientations.

inner tube:
uni-directional fibers. Selected wood fairings between the tubes. Hand polished cellulosic lacquer finish.

arm lift:
hydraulic dampened